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Hidden Lakes' nostalgic sonar pop is a tribute to their childhood and the places that once were - sitting in the way-back, building secret forts, playing capture the flag, exploring the majestic ruins.  Building on this theme, the band released their first studio album, Abandoned Water Parks, on Record Store day in 2015. Prior to the release, Hidden Lakes released the official video for the first single, Skyview, on the influential music blog Speakers in Code.  Shortly after release, Abandoned Water Parks was listed as one of KDHX Radio: Hindsight's Top 10 albums of 2015 and one of Vintage Vinyl's top St. Louis releases of the year.  

In 2012, Hidden Lakes released their first self-recorded album, Model Airplanes.  Despite the humble beginning, the album received favorable reviews and was one of KDHX Radio: Mixtape's Top 10 Albums of 2012. 

Model Airplanes Reviews: 

Imagine a record with the wry vocal delivery of PJ Harvey, the slide-guitar elegance of Mazzy Star and the sharp keyboards of New Pornographers' "Mass Romantic" and you've got "Model Airplanes." - Jason Robinson - KDHX Radio: Mixtape's Top 10 Albums of 2012

"...the guitar fury and the glossy keyboard strings of early New Order." "...sonically promiscuous, as the fuzzy, buzzy summertime anthem "Respite" suggests." - Christian Schaefer - Riverfront Times 

"Its 14 tracks are individual figurines, painted meticulously in varying colors and styles." - Nelda Kerr - Eleven Magazine

"Hidden Lakes have put together an unusual mixture of sounds and melodies with a lot of guts and heart. Model Airplanes is a strong debut record well worth the listen." - Mary Beth Hascall - Playback Magazine

Vocals, Guitars / Kory Kunze
Keyboards, Vocals / Holly Kunze
Bass, Backing Vocals / Jason Hodge
Drums / Dustin Schaefer